By combining mobile computers, bar code scanners, credit card readers, wireless infrastructure and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag inlays and readers with customized and packaged software solutions, we help ensure that inventory is tracked accurately and efficiently every single step of the way. In the end, labor is lowered, inventory is reduced and profits are increased.

Intelligent Order Entry

Put an end to the "blind order" aspect of your current remote order entry system by providing much-needed information to your mobile workers with Quest Solution's Order Entry product. It allows two-way communication with your field personnel — as sales orders are sent in, customer and pricing information is updated on the handheld device. Eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone process of faxing or phoning in orders with legacy equipment.

Inventory Management

At Quest Solution, our Inventory Management solutions are designed to optimize flow processes, and our in-store systems are tailored to meet the needs of each retail environment. Our applications combined with wireless technologies manage the inventory flow from the back room receiving to front end point of sale. Bottom line, Quest’s commitment is to assist retailers cutting their costs and improve their profits.

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