Route Accounting Software

Route accounting solutions from Quest combine rugged handheld mobile computers with mobile printers to quickly deliver goods and manage inventory while increasing accuracy and reducing shrink. Products can be tracked from delivery dispatch to onsite servicing to route reconciliation.

Loading, shipping and delivering the right product in the right quantity increases customer satisfaction and reduces out-of-date product and inventory. Profits are increased while labor hours are decreased. Presales reps and merchandisers can use current promotions and customer buying patterns to offer better customer service while increasing sales and entering more orders in less time. Competitive pricing and sales analytics equip field personnel with the tools that they need to upsell and cross-sell.

Direct Store Delivery

Our award-winning computer integration solutions allow your employees to capture signatures, scan delivery information and log in issues or concerns — up to the minute. Data can be collected at the point of exchange to validate product movement. Some direct store delivery applications use wireless handheld computers and a paperless DEX/UCS system that verifies that all items arrived and are received and invoiced correctly.

Presales & Merchandising

The Quest Route presales automation solution from Quest is ideal for companies in many different markets. Field sales personnel equipped with up-to-date information on mobile devices work faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively. Empowering your workforce with this information and on a mobile device provides better customer service, increased sales and more profit to the bottom line.

Proof of Delivery

Using mobile proof of delivery (POD) devices and software enables the people closest to the customers to acquire up-to-date information. Quest Solution provides highly customized and configurable delivery solutions that address each customer's unique business needs. These flexible and scalable solutions help customers drive collaboration through their mobile work force, while managing remote employees with real-time visibility. Documenting delivery performance has become critical in this highly competitive industry. Quest Solution offers proof-of-delivery capabilities as part of its suite of mobility applications that can give your company an edge against the competition, while improving customer service. Using a combination of signature capture, date/time stamps, bar code scanning, and optional GPS data, freight and delivery companies can provide automatic verification that a delivery was made, as well as document the condition of the goods and generate all necessary invoices and receipts. Real-time proof of delivery not only increases customer confidence, but can also speed up the billing cycle and eliminate customer disputes regarding delivery times. Drivers no longer have to go through a lengthy, paper-driven reconciliation process at the end of their shift. Fuel costs can even be reduced because drivers spend less time with their trucks idling at customer locations.

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