Mobile Cloud Analytics

In 2016, Quest Solution launched its Mobile Cloud Analytics platform to empower retailers through all aspects of their business, including sales, customer engagement, and productivity. The technology is designed to support distribution centers and warehouses in their objective to increase productivity in areas such as shipping, receiving, yard management, call centers and many other trackable areas.

Cloud analytics solutions offered by Quest deliver key outcomes such as:

  • Instant collaboration for rapid decision making
  • Performance powered by an analytical engine for real-time store or warehouse performance
  • Data that can be mixed and integrated to external data
  • IoT integrated through traffic collection devices
  • Increased employee productivity and visibility to improve sales and/or profits
  • Thermographic readings of shelf space, for improved product placement or to optimize warehouse space

In retail, cloud analytics solutions reap several key benefits for store managers, including:

  • Visibility on sales and traffic patterns for measuring in-store sales conversions and increased profitability
  • Ability to match traffic demands with staff productivity and availability, optimizing conversion and improving the accuracy of store associate scheduling
  • Visibility into the traffic generated by window and storefront displays, and the effectiveness of merchandising strategies
  • A real-time understanding of the store that helps managers reassign employees into customer centric tasks, such as opening a new cash register to handle long lines and delays

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