Zebra WS2000 All-in-one wired and wireless switch for small to medium-sized business and branch offices

Simple, cost-effective wired and wireless networking for enterprise branch offices
The WS2000 Wireless Switch is a powerful all-in-one solution that simplifies and helps reduce the costs of managing wired and wireless (802.11a/b/g) networks in enterprise branch offices. The integrated router, gateway, firewall, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and more eliminate the cost of purchasing and the complexity of managing multiple pieces of equipment. Support for Wi-Fi Multimedia extensions (WMM) and SIP Call Admission Control enables the WS2000 to provide peak performance for even the most demanding applications, including voice and video. The ability to easily and cost-effectively scale to meet growing needs, as well as upgrade to support new security, radio and other standards provides the assurance that the WS2000 will meet your needs today and tomorrow. The WS2000 - enterprise class networking functionality, priced for the small to medium-sized business or enterprise branch office.

Zebra WS2000 wireless switch

End-to-end enterprise-class security
End-to-end enterprise-class security keeps your network and data secure with support for WPA2, an integrated AAA (authentication, authorization and accounting) server for authenticating users, rogue access port/point (AP) detection, stateful packet inspection firewall, IP filtering and more. Your network resources are protected - only authorized users are granted access to your network. With the WS2000, your network perimeter and your resources are more secure.

Easy to manage and deploy
The WS2000 offers a level of management simplicity and flexibility that eliminates the need and cost for onsite IT personnel to manage the wireless networks. Fewer technical onsite staff in restaurants, retail stores, warehouses and healthcare clinics can easily manage the wired and wireless network through an intuitive web-based interface and centralized management and control of access ports. For larger corporations deploying the WS2000 in branch offices, secure remote management capabilities (with SSH and SNMP v3 support) and auto deployment capabilities (with DHCP options) enable staff in the centralized network operations or data center to easily control and manage devices anywhere in the world. Implementation is fast and easy: the plug-and-play WS2000 automatically detects and configures access ports with the best channel. And tight integration with the wired network simplifies the extension of wired virtual LANs (VLANs), improving network performance as well as providing added protection against unauthorized access.

Ideal for hotspots
The WS2000 is uniquely suited for hotspots, enabling, hotels, airports, lounges, restaurants and more to offer visitors convenient anywhere anytime access to the Internet, email, and corporate applications. Support for authentication and Radius accounting enables organizations and service providers to offer secure wireless public access, either as a complimentary service, or an additional revenue stream.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
The WS2000 reduces the complexities and costs associated with deploying, managing, securing, upgrading and scaling your wired and wireless network - delivering outstanding investment protection and a lower TCO. Zebra Enterprise Mobility Services provide the comprehensive support and technical expertise you need to design, deploy and maintain the most successful mobility solutions.


Switch-based centralized upgradeable architecture
Enhanced performance and functionality; simplified deployment/management, investment protection; low TCO

802.11a/b/g compatibility
Lower cost; broad, flexible radio support

Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) extensions support
Enables voice/video applications with wired QoS extension support

SIP Call Admission Control
Controls the number of active SIP sessions that are initiated by a wireless VoIP phone

Enterprise-class security: 802.1X/EAP Kerberos, WPA2 (802.11i)
Enterprise-class authentication and encryption; ensures privacy of data during transmission

Active/standby configuration
Robust network redundancy through multiple links AAA integrated server: verifies identify of users and administrators Eliminates the cost/need for a separate RADIUS server

Integrated secure gateway: routing, DHCP, NAT, Stateful Packet Inspection Firewall and WAN uplink (with PPPoE)
Eliminates need to purchase and manage additional equipment; simplifies provisioning of network services

IP Filtering
Provides flexibility in defining access policies

Comprehensive features to enable public hot spots
Provides secure public access - complimentary or service-based

Rogue AP detection
Identifies and reports unauthorized access ports and points

Cost-effective secure point-to-point communications

802.3af Power-over- Ethernet (PoE) support:
Eliminates need and expense to power access ports and points