Site Survey

A site survey is an important and critical first step in setting up a wireless system.

This process is performed by a factory-trained engineer with at least 10 years of wireless technology experience. Having too few or too many access points or the wrong antenna configuration can lead to instability in your wireless system with frequent signal drops, sluggish response, application lockups, and unexplained anomalies. During a site survey, the Quest engineer will measure and analyze your facility to determine the optimal location and quantities of access points required to ensure 100% radio coverage. Distance to the computer room, interferences in the environment and seasonable changes in your floor plan will be taken into consideration when designing your wireless infrastructure. The survey results in a detailed specification addressing specific equipment models, antenna technologies, access point placement, power considerations, and wiring requirements for the facility.

Project Timelines

From the start, our system engineers build project timeframes for the following:

  • Solution testing and validation in the lab, moving to pilot installation.
  • Pilot implementation, including test period, and evaluation of feedback.
  • Rollout of solution to all enterprise sites, accounting for issues resolution, resource availability, as aligned with scope of work.

For each project, our customers receive project worksheets, issues lists, and we also provide post implementation administration (site documentation, sign-off, technical worksheets). To best manage our customer’s expectations, we make sure we provide a clear vision of the deliverables through weekly or bimonthly conferences.

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