Hardware Repair

Quest offers different levels of barcode hardware repair services tailored to fit your application needs and budget.

If not properly maintained, rugged mobile computers, barcode printers, and scanners will prematurely crash or become inoperable. Equipment failures lead to unnecessary and costly downtime, eroded customer relations, and frustrated employees who are stranded on their delivery route or at a customer site with unusable equipment. Quest provides specialty hardware repair services and offers that service via our certified technicians and our warranty management services.

Repair History Visibility

In addition to hardware selection and deployment support, Quest offers a variety of maintenance repair contracts and services that keep your mobility and barcode hardware running smoothly. Quest provides inventory management of mobile devices, spares pool management, maintenance and repair services, and our iTrack Software helps provide complete visibility and repair history for each device. Quest tracks device serial numbers during the initial system commissioning, and maintains client application deployment kits, so that all software can be restored on the devices by version.

Flexible Service Contracts

Quest offers different levels of hardware repair services and contracts tailored to fit your application, needs, and budget. By combining spares pool management and express depot repair services, Quest provides rapid turnaround for mission-critical operations. When there is a device failure, we can ship out new hardware that is pre-loaded and configured with all of the proper software and settings, allowing users to reduce downtime. Certified technicians can then complete repairs and return the device to the spares pool.

Quest offers a range of other depot repair services at a fixed cost, which keeps maintenance budgets predictable. Quest also coordinates the repair and return of specific devices via common shipping services and offers advanced exchange programs with sooner turnaround. Our certified depot hardware repair services offer access to original equipment manufacturers' engineering support, product manuals, original parts, and the latest product and upgrade information.


Quest provides on-site training for customers on common equipment maintenance procedures, as well as on-site maintenance and repair services. In addition, Quest offers a variety of mobile device management (MDM) solutions that enable remote troubleshooting and equipment repair.

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